Zohar Cohen (b. 1969, Israel)
Curriculum Vitae



-          1996: Kalisher – The Israel Pollack Tel Aviv School of Art.

-          2012: Oranim Academic College of Education, Bachelor of Education.


Solo Exhibitions:

-          2006: “Painting Time”, Art Gallery Twenty Four, Tel Aviv. Curator: Judith Kriwisky;

-          2009: “Blue Day”, Artists House, Tel Aviv. Curator: Abraham Eilat;

-          2009: “Seaside”, Lohamey Hagetaot Kibbutz Gallery. Curator: Yury Katz;

-          2011: “Behold a River”, Elrich Gallery, Tel Aviv;

-          2013: “No End”, Jerusalem Artists House. Curator: Neta Gal Atzmon.


Group Exhibitions:

-          2011: “Continuance”, Agaf Gallery, Haifa. Curator:  Iris Sinatra

-          2009: “The End of it is to be Found at the Top”, Pyramida Center for 2008: Contemporary Art, Haifa. Curator: Smadar Schindler

-          2007: Group Collection Exhibition, Yair Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

-          2003: “Traces III”, Third national Biennale of Drawings in Israel, Jerusalem Artists House. Curator: Dalia Manor

-          2003: "Landmarks", Start Art Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Dov Or Ner

-          2002: "Sea and Libraries" Ha' kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Tali Tamir

-          1999: "4 at the Mumche", Mumche Art Gallery, Tel Aviv.



Awards and Grants:

-          2009-2010: Teaching Artists Scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

kigali, 2020, oil on canvas' 180-252 cm.

win the

Jackson’s Painting Prize 2020  Abstract Non- representational

zohar cohen זהר כהן


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