Zohar Cohen’s (Israel, 1969) work stands as a visual metaphor for the duality that characterizes the perception of reality - sometimes through penned and meditative observation which allows internalizing and clear focusing on details, listening to the timeless silence that bonds with the stability of still-life; other times, that very objective reality manifests itself as a force of dynamic energy, deceptive, constantly changing and partially or completely elusive. Zohar addresses this complexity by choosing views of landscapes or interior spaces of the home or the studio that preserve both the intimate and distant look. Using methodical and rhythmic deconstruction, we are presented with a new definition of objective reality where the dimensions of space and time overlap.

Text:Judit Kriwisky.


kigali, 2020, oil on canvas' 180-252 cm.

win the

Jackson’s Painting Prize 2020  Abstract Non- representational

zohar cohen זהר כהן


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